The Acacia Group of Companies

Acacia Connections is an Australian owned and operated group of companies committed to supporting mentally healthy communities by promoting quality, innovation and increased accessibility in the mental health space.
Acacia Connections provides a suite of HR support services for corporate workplaces via connections including Acacia EAP, The Workshop Lab, Job Care Australia and Emverio Workplace Solutions. Acacia Connections supports over 1000 companies and their employees across Australia and internationally. Through our Acacia Connections, we can build your company a comprehensive human resources strategy that will help you achieve industry leading outcomes for your people.

Approved Partner Company

Acacia Connections has also recently expanded its offering to the community through private practice services including Acacia Psychology and Acacia Well-Being. Acacia Connections has a genuine desire to improve the mental health and well-being of Australians through quality and accessible support.

How We Give Back